Homeschooling Curriculum Tips For Younger Children

Do you have a favorite math game for your younger kids?  When we were homeschooling, our favorite was Family Math, which we used to supplement our normal math books in the early years.  It’s inexpensive, and has great games for kids ages kindergarten through 8th grade.  I just chose a math game that was on the same topic that my sons were learning about that week in their math books, and we spent 15 minutes playing the game together. We all loved it!

Homeschooling Curriculum Tips

One year when my son was about 9, he asked one of his homeschooling friends what their favorite math game was, and to his shock, learned that the friend didn’t play any math games! My son’s favorite game was the one where you stacked sugar cubes to determine geometric volume, because I always let him eat one!

Family Math is easy to use: just take whatever lesson your children are learning in their math books (i.e. radius, fractions, whatever), and look in the index of the Family Math book to find games that cover that topic.  There are games for different age ranges, and usually several to choose from.  I photocopied anything that needed to be reproduced, and the rest of the supplies were usually things I had lying around the house, like crayons, pens, etc.

In addition to Family Math, we also used games like Monopoly, addition bingo, cribbage, etc.  Those games teach basic math facts, and are fun for younger kids.  My kids always thought it was so funny when I told them we HAD to play a math game!  Isn’t homeschooling great?!


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