How Do You Keep Homeschool Records?

Ah, the fun of keeping homeschool records. Over the years, I have found there are four kinds of homeschoolers in regards to record keeping: tubbies, cubbies, binder queens, and question marks.

Homeschool Records

The first kind of person loves those giant rubber-made tubs. I call these homeschoolers tubbies. Tubbies will take everything for all five children and will throw it into the tub year after year. It is a perfectly acceptable form of record-keeping, people do it all the time, and you could in fact make a transcript using this method, although it will take time.

The next kind of homeschool mom I have observed has a drawer or a cabinet for each child, and possibly even for each year of homeschooling. I call these moms cubbies. The cubbies have an advantage because they know which child completed which paper and they may even know what year that paper was done. This is a good method of record-keeping, that will make it easier to create a high school transcript.

Another kind of record keeper is the binder queen. The benefit these homeschoolers have of keeping a binder is that it has a place for everything. You can often find everything required for state law, the declaration of intent (if required), annual testing, and immunization records in the binder along with the high school records. Everything needed and more is at their fingertips when they are ready to get a high school transcript together.

The fourth kind of record-keeper is one I don’t recommend – the homeschooler who has a giant question mark on top of their head. These are the ones who don’t know that they’re supposed to keep records! It is very hard to regroup and put together a transcript after practising this record-keeping method. If you are one of those who has a question mark over their heads, you might want to check out my Total Transcript Solution at here.


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