Choosing A College

There are so many colleges out there – how do you choose? A good first step is attending a college fair. College fairs can tell you a lot. You can attend one per year or go to all of them. When you’re browsing colleges, pay attention and consider why you decided to skip over a college. That will be an indicator of the kinds of colleges that you might be interested in.

Choosing A College

You will find out fascinating things as you chat with college representatives at the fair. If you’re interested in a college, you can give them your contact information, and register on their sign up forms so they will reach out to you. If they like you as a potential candidate, they’ll continue to pursue you and send you more information

Another way to find colleges is to have colleges search for YOU as a student. When you take the PSAT test, they will ask you a series of questions. Colleges that want the particular kind of student you are will pursue you. Be prepared, though. When you sign up for that information on the PSAT, you’re going to get a tsunami of paper work in your mailbox, but it is one good way to find a college that wants you.

You can also search for colleges independently. The US News and World Report puts out their annual edition of great colleges. These two have a lot to do with the SAT average colleges. The You Can website does not judge colleges by SAT scores, however. At the You Can website, you can easily read a few snippets of the colleges, click the links, and go directly to the college websites.

As you look through these colleges, make decisions as you go, and make the first cut. There are thousands of colleges out there and you can’t possibly know all of them intimately well. You need to make those first cuts and decide who you’re going to research.

While comparing schools, it’s a good idea to have a sense of where your SAT or ACT score is. You can take sample SAT and ACT tests. The results will tell you where you are in relation to most of the kids on campus. Your scores will indicate whether you can handle the academic load that they provide and it can also tell you if you’re over achieving or under achieving in relation to certain colleges.

If you need more strategies for finding the right college for you, check out my book “The HomeScholar Guide to College Admission and Scholarships: Homeschool Secrets to Getting Ready, Getting In and Getting Paid”.


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