When Should You Take a CLEP?

College-Level Examination Program

In case you haven’t heard of a CLEP before, CLEP stands for College-Level Examination Program. CLEP credits are accepted by thousands of colleges and universities. A child can take the CLEP as soon as they are finished studying a subject. When it’s something they’re never going to return to – for instance, they’ve completed Chemistry, they know a college amount of Chemistry and will never return to it again, then they are ready. You will want them to test it as soon as they’re done.

If the subject is something that is their passion, like with my children and history, and it seems like they keep learning and learning, instead of giving a CLEP every year (which would have been crazy because the next year they were still learning), I waited until right before they applied for college. Then I tested them using a CLEP for each of these History subjects so that it would be documentary proof, that reflection in the pond which shows that they really did know their history. So, sometimes you will want to write a CLEP right after the class, and sometimes right before college.

There’s a third way of using a CLEP, and that is when you specifically want to teach something on purpose at a college level. One of my sons did not want to take Psychology at college because he did not want to learn about Freud in front of girls – boundaries, you know. I told him it was fine, to just learn it, and we would take the CLEP, so he did. I picked him up a Psychology book from a half-priced bookstore. He read it cover to cover, and he was appalled at some of the subject matter, but he learned it, and he passed the CLEP! He will never, ever have to take Psychology again, yet he has a working knowledge of Psychology. So, if you asked him about Freud, he could, reluctantly, tell you all about him!

To learn more about the CLEP and other tests you can choose from when applying for college, go to http://www.TheHomeScholar.com.


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